Why Ribbon Exists

The RibbonCares Story

Cancer is becoming ever more frequent, thankfully 10 year survival rates are increasing quickly too.  This means far more of us are encountering cancer both first hand and as close friends and relatives.  It goes without saying that running into cancer is incredibly stressful, this is particularly the case for women who are the heart of their families as mothers, grandmothers and daughters.  RibbonCares is building to be a community to help.

Do share your own stories as you will be helping others as also celebrating your own journeys and experiences.

Our aims are:-

  • To provide a hub of information, community and services, which we have called a toolkit, to help people encountering cancer find their feet and regain some control of their lives
  • To massively improve awareness of women’s cancers because awareness can help reduce anxiety and early diagnosis which helps so much with early treatment and survival rates
  • To help women reduce their risk of ever getting cancer

We hope that when using the site and different services it will give you much needed help and support – please let us know what you think and especially what else you could need.