As a social worker and mum of two, I am all too aware of the impact cancer has on families, especially women’s cancer as women tend to be the cornerstone of the family.

Cancer is becoming ever more frequent, thankfully 10-year survival rates are increasing quickly too.  This means far more of us are encountering cancer both first hand and as close friends and relatives.

It goes without saying that experiences with cancer are incredibly stressful and we are really keen to offer support to both people who have cancer and their family and friends who don’t have cancer.

I am a strong believer that knowledge is power and we want to provide an accessible knowledge hub that helps everyone understand women’s cancers, how they are treated and indeed how to reduce the risk of developing cancer.  It is now well known that early diagnosis can increase survival rates so I really hope people will use the content on the website to understand their risks and subscribe to the regular staywell email which is designed to help you manage your risks easily every month.

On top of this, I am really inspired by the very personal stories of people who have had to face a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  How they have gone on to live their lives to the full is truly heart lifting.

I hope you find RibbonCares helpful and will join us in building a community to help women with cancer.

I hope to hear more about you and your experiences.

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