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Getting help with finances if you get cancer

Coping with a cancer diagnosis is challenging enough without having to worry about finances.

These days it is so difficult to have “rainy day” savings to help at these times but there are some affordable insurance policies which will pay you a cash lump sum on diagnosis of cancer to help you stop money worries and let you focus on getting better.

If you have, or have had cancer, you might not be eligible for insurance, but there are still some excellent resources available, Macmillan in particular offer specialised support for cancer patients with money worries.

Jean is a mum of four, with six grandchildren who also runs her own business. In 2010 she developed breast cancer and it had an enormous impact on her and her family. While she was recovering she had the additional stress of having to cope with loss of earnings and extra expenses.

Getting breast cancer was scary enough to deal with and whilst I was getting better I had all sorts of added financial difficulties to deal with. I wish I had known about a cancer insurance which could have given me some financial assistance - this would have been so helpful to me and my family.

Thankfully Jean is now well again and enjoying life to the full.

Information and support

On the other hand, if you have cancer and finances are worrying you, MacMillan offer a financial helpline with experienced counselors to help.
Their number is 0808 808 0000 and there is lots of useful content and information on their website to help you understand how to get financial help and benefits.

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